The rain on the plains...

Well just when I was starting to miss a rainy day, one came along to remind me of home.

There were times today when if I had needed to leave my office, I'd have regretted keeping my umbrella in my car, as it was chucking it down. Yup for all you Okies reading this, old habits die-hard and I still have an umbrella in my car at all times - I can hear you laughing!

This is actually our second drizzly day and it looks like we might get another tomorrow, a rarity indeed in mid-August in Okieland! When I lived in rainy England I got sick of days just like this and like most Brit's spent alot of my life bemoaning our weather. Now I love it when we get a dull rainy day, although so far I have braved them all sans umbrella and the 3 I brought with me (yes I know that's overkill!) are gathering dust.

The cats aren't big fans of this weather; Sukie is happy to be outside in it, Cal-Jo is a total wuss and hates the wet and baby is still not allowed out. So as you can see the two of them are enjoying the view from indoors, and hasn't Bonnie Blue grown?!

The best part is no watering the garden for a couple of days and all my plants will flourish again. Living here makes me appreciate why England looks so lush compared to other places in the summer!

So you will probably never hear me complain about the rain on the plains, to me it's a fond reminder of home and a welcome relief.


Brad said...

This certainly is a nice break from typical August scorching heat... not only is it raining, but it's 20 or more degrees cooler than normal. I'm loving it. It also helps that I work inside all day and don't have to be out in it except to drive to and from work. But it does seem a little strange to be under a Flood Watch in August.

Teresa said...

I realize I am in a serious minority here, but I do and have always preferred rainy days. And, if there is an occasional roll of thunder, all the better. I am at my best when I can put on a sweat shirt, or flannel shirt and some sturdy shoe/boots. Wellies are something I have always wanted, but afraid to order them online. But, there is a really cute pair of rain boots of that style, and with a domestic company I have had my eye on. I believe this rain has inspired me to buy them. :~)

Vintage Tea said...

Unfortunately the rain has been relentless in the UK this "Summer"... already we're seeing the nights drawing in... luckily I'm a fan of Autumn!


pamokc said...

I know! I can't get over this weather either. And it is way too cool to go with it. We almost needed an extra blanket last night! Hope your school days are settling in!

Janet said...

It's been cooler than normal here too for the past 10 days, not that I'm complaining. I think your rain is heading our way later today.

Like you, I keep an umbrella in the back of the car at all times. :-)