Clean Sweep

This weekend I will be cleaning house ALOT. Work has just been so busy this past month, I am ashamed to say I have let things seriously slide at home.

Now I am not a lover of housework, unlike my mum who seems to have a special gene that makes her love cleaning. That's not to say my home is ever dirty, but it get very untidy at times and this is just such a time.

Mid-week I did have this wonderful plan of cleaning a room each night after work. The first night I did the main bathroom, that was Tuesday and here I am at Saturday with no further progress. I mean it is a great plan, get my whole house done one room at a time each day and keep cycling it, then my home is always clean and tidy.

One slight problem, this means I clean everyday and reality tells me that ain't ever going to go over longterm!

So today will be a cleaning day with my trusty friend my Dyson DC15 Ball. Yesterday our school cleaner called me just to say "Sarah I got my new vacuum and I LOVE IT! I mean I really LOVE IT!" A little later I bumped into her hoovering a classroom and guess what she had - a Dyson. I told her immediately I totally understood her need to call having been a Dyson girl for 10 years myself. I think her hubster will be hearing about the work Dyson regularly until she has one at home.

It broke my heart to leave my first one in England, and what with a new house etc, it was a year before we could afford my new one. The hubster could still relate how happy I was the day the Dyson arrived and my rapturing for weeks after I cleaned. He is also now a Dyson convert, having initially thought they were over-priced.

They just get so much more dirt up and if you have pets as we do, I really think you're missing out if you don't have a Dyson. That first time we used it here, the amount of hair it got up was scary considering we swept every week before!

So I am off to clean, whilst the hubster is going be doing the male equivalent and change the oil in our vehicles!


Mare said...

Dyson should recruit you to do a commercial for them. A genuine, heartfelt endorsement-nothing is better. I myself have an Oreck, and am a retired school person. I can't believe that you thought you could do a room a day after spending the day at the kid factory!!Whew!

Anonymous said...

Oh sad as it might be, I too dream of one day affording a Dyson.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Mare - obviously I was nuts, what can I say!

Rob - hang on to the dream, it's oh so worth it :-)

Disturbed Stranger said...

Happy cleaning! ;D

Good luck!

willow said...

I need a new vacuum. I should check out this Dyson!

Vintage Tea said...

I've just posted about the latest addition to my bottom draw.. maybe I should add a Dyson to it!

My friend swears her is the best thing she's ever brought.


Janet said...

I loathe cleaning, but have never aspired to own a Dyson. :-)

BTW, Sarah, I've given you an award, stop by and collect it sometime.

Lakeland Jo said...

My maiden name was Dyson, and if I had a pound for everyone who thinks I come from a millionaire family, I WOULD be a millionaire myself!

Carrie said...

Hi there! Just stopping over from SITS. Congrats on being a saucy blog this week!!

I became a stay at home mom about six months ago and my husband gave me the same brilliant idea to do one room everyday so it wouldn't get dirty.

Yep, that lasted approximately two weeks. I HATE cleaning and I felt like I was always cleaning. Now I do it when I feel like it, which is never. haha I keep it just clean enough that my husband won't complain.

Actually he doesn't complain, he makes snide remarks like last Sunday in Sam's Club, "Did you need any cleaning supplies?" I answered no and he promptly said, "I didn't think so. ha ha ha" Real funny, hubby...

In fact, I'm up right now at 3 o'clock in the morning because I put off cleaning all week long and had to finish tonight!

Nice to meetcha SITSa!

Jill said...

I have heard so many good things about the Dyson vacuum.. I can't wait to actually own one myself one day.

Oh the things I aspire to!

gingela5 said...

Oh I think I need to try one. I don't think our little vacuum gets up nearly any of our dog hair. Found you on Secret's in the Sauce. Can't wait to read the rest of your blog!

Sandra Dodd said...

I just recently got a Dyson and was stunned. It was as though no vacuum cleaner I ever owned before did ANYTHING. Surprised me. When I was little, in the '50's, my parents had a Kirby vacuum, and my dad still had it in the 70's, and it had all kinds of attachments (a grind wheel!) so I loved all that, but this Dyson... Wowie.

I tried to sign the guest book, but no window was opening up there, so I came to sign somewhere else...