Role playing at work!

Every morning at work I get to pretend I am one of the stars of my all time favourite movie, Grease.

You see after the bell goes each morning, our Principal calls me from the gym and asks me to play our school song down my phone and across the intercom system. Then all the kiddo's get to sing-a-long to the song as I sit there alone in my office humming along (very quietly) and tapping my foot.

Without fail everyday an image of Blanche the school secretary in Grease pops into my head, with the 50's equivalent - a xylophone playing across Rydell High's intercom and campus!

So far I haven't got a little carried away with enthusiasm like Blanche did, but y'all never know, one day they may get a surprise ending ;-)


'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

This made me smile! You are a very glamourised version though.

Loved the post about Windsor, we know it well and used to visit with friend s who lived in Old Windsor. The Station development was always a great place to have lunch. You describe it beautifully, makes me feel quite homesick:) Amanda

Gill - That British Woman said...

I so agree with you. She was so funny. Its the only movie I have actually seen numerous times at the movie theatre, I was around 16 years old at the time........

Gill in Canada

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This made me laugh! Oh the temptation! Oh the power! How do you stand it???

Katie Says said...

I think I know every line to Grease. = )

You should definitely bust out in Blanche-style at least once!