Slight hitch in our plans!

Talk about bad timing. Our 'ALL CALL' system, which allows me to make announcememts to all the rooms in school at once, has quit!

We hope to get it fixed before the conferences start tomorrow night, but otherwise I will have to call every room and then "next" or "times up" maybe all I have time to say!

Thanks for all the suggestions, some highly amusing and some very good. I will let you know how it goes down :-)

BTW - having a hectic week what with the above looming, so haven't been out to play in blogland much. But I appreciate all your visits greatly and will be doing the rounds by the weekend and catching up with y'all.


willow said...

Quit?! Now that's no fun. I was imagining you having all kinds of fun with various announcements! ;)

Blarney said...

You could go streakin' past all the rooms to signal the time. I'm thinking Monty Python here 'cuz your Brititsh and I love that show. Anywho ~ some times those PTC's are just a whole lotta sucking wind. Speaking for the parents we could use some fun!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Blarney!! LMAO trust me on this, me streaking would be a whole LOT more fun than anyone needs to see. Funny thought though ;-)

Kay said...

Wow! You get to tell them when times up? We never had that luxury as teachers. We had to keep monitoring the time ourselves. Good luck! You are doing a great service. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Time, thank you!" said in your most stern while kind voice. It's all in the attitude....or perhaps it's all in me head!