Slap Lewis Hamilton Day!


Winifred said...


For pity's sake, get a grip Lewis!

Chimera said...

Black boxed to you! Hi there me dear! great blog with energy and much smashing witty marvelousness! I don't follow the racing...The Racing...can you tell. But I feel sorry for the barby doll man. He has to crash occasionally surely? Or isn't that the idea...?
I'll be back! Have a good week.

pamokc said...

I don't know where my comment went but it disappeared! Anyway, yes, a housefull here to join you in the Beyatch-slap. :)

Stuart Peel said...

He'll be okay, just a few jitters. He's only 22, at 22 I could barely get out of the house in the morning!

East Anglian Troy said...

Ron Dennis needs to make him sit down in a corner and write out 1,000 times "I only need to finish ahead of Massa in each race to become World Champion, I don't need to try to win every ******* race".

I watched the repeat of the race when it was shown again on Sunday afternoon in the UK - he did just as bad in the repeat!