Brit' Word of the Day

Today's BWOTD is one used by alot of British children:

"I bagsie that one mum"

'Bagsie' = Claim

Having said that, I have still been known to use this when faced with a variety of tempting choices, such as cupcakes!

I suggest you use this the next time you want to get a step ahead of friends or family. In the ensuing pause that will follow you saying it, you will be able to bagsie anything you want and make good your exit ;-)


Winifred said...

It's a long time since I said that. Nearly forgot about it.

Thanks for the reminder Sarah.

Got over the Lewis disappointment yet? Dare I say there's always China on Sunday!

Maureen said...

This is a new one to me..I'll have to pass it on to my son who had a lot of his childhood 'over there'.