Autumn calling

A few brilliant flashes of summer colour remain

Slowly they are starting to wilt and fade

The roses fight on in defiance

The grasses sway a little more in cooler breezes

Buds that will never bloom cling on in hope

The lows before dawn claim a few victims

But the warm colours of Autumn march onwards

As the Cottonwood gives up her leaves and sleeps

It may still be 90 out, but Autumn is calling


East Anglian Troy said...

"It may still be 90 out" - I wish it was here. We've got 50, its grey and wet today. Great photos (as always).

Stuart Peel said...

Ooooh it's pretty over there.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Well actually Troy, I woke up this morning to the first rain since I casn't remember when and it's 68.2 outdoors! That's Okieland for ya!

Stuart - yes it's surprisingly green as well considering the heat