Brit' Word of the Day

Today's BWOTD is used alot back home:

"Anyroad, what was it you wanted?"

'Anyroad' = Anyway

I have actually noticed you do the same with anyway sometimes and say 'anyhoo'. I have actually caught myself using both this and anyroad since I have been here, talk about confusing!


Stevyn Colgan said...

There's also the bizarre 'Anyroad up' that I hear occasionally, especially from the Lancashire branch of my wife's family.

I heard the phrase 'batting on a sticky wicket' the other day for the first time in years. What would our lovely American chums make of phrases and words derived from such a confusing and arcane game as cricket? 'Stumped', 'Bowled over', 'Caught in the slips', 'Batting for the other side', 'Fielding', 'Back to the pavilion', 'Bowling a googly' ... it goes on and on!

Anonymous said...

And some Americans, including my sister, say "anyways" which drives me barking mad!

Tea Time With Melody said...

I got a kick out of your Brit words of the day. I got a funny look from my husband when I used one. He just doesn't get it...lol