Mount Fuji for us this weekend!

Yes it's the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton is leading the World Championship. So in our household that means only one thing, we will be keeping crazy hours to watch it live. In fact I am trying to stay awake right now until midnight when the qualifying starts! Then the same again in the early hours of Sunday for the actual race.

Yep we are committed F1 fans, or should that be, 'we need to be committed'. He'd better not screw it up in the last three races this year, like he did last. Next week we are off to China in the middle of the night, 2am if you can believe it, so c'mon Lewis, keep it together this time for the fans.


Winifred said...

Hi Sarah

The qualifying is just starting here now.

My husband's the same about F1! He hated it when BBC lost the franchise. Every time the adverts come on he goes berserk and shouts "You see, they should have left it with the BBC. Who wants to watch adverts in the middle of a race?".

I know what he means, it is a pain.

Yes we'll all be rooting for Lewis, seems like a canny lad!

I'm dying to see Stephen Fry's new series of programmes about the USA on Sunday night. He's visiting every state apparently. I'll be learning something every week.

pamokc said...

We knew you'd be thrilled! John watched it this morning and reported to me, as I slept in a bit. My turn for the lurgy. Go Lewis! If he's in front though, all should be good on staying there. In theory!

Stuart Peel said...

Nice to see you're an F1 fan. Valencia had their first GP this year and it was amazing. I'll be shouting for Lewis too, I think he's in with a great chance.

East Anglian Troy said...

It needs a 5.30am alarm on Sunday morning here in the UK but through bleary eyes I'll be watching and hoping that Lewis does well. I hate Ferrari! It used to be "anyone but Schumi" now its "come on Lewis".