I do not believe this!

It must be my lucky week, here's a transcript of a conversation I just had with a 2nd grader in my office:

Her "I need to call my mom to pick something up"

Me "Okay, can I tell her what it is?"

Her "It's my TARANTULA's"

Me "Did you say Tarantula's?!?!"

Her "Yes, there are 4 of them"

Me "Where are they?!"

Her "In this bag, I have to leave it here"

Me "Uh no you don't!"

Her "They told me to leave them here"

Me "Well you need to take them with you and I'll call your mom now"

I tell you, the day can only go up from here on! But that's now 2 Tarantula strikes, does this mean I'm going to come across one, for my things happen in three's adage!?


Winifred said...

You must live in the tarantula capital of the world!

You're beginning to sound a bit like Victor Meldrew! "I don't believe it!"

Can we look forward to blogs about deep fried fingers in your chips, belligerent bees or maybe radioactive horse manure?

gingela5 said...

Wow! Maybe it's just signaling that it's getting closer to Halloween!

Janet said...

I've noticed that now the weather's cooling down all the spiders are trying to move in with us. I sure hope I don't come across one of those suckers.

Daryl said...

Well, if there were 2 in that kid's sack, then you're okay because it would fulfill the '3' adage!


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

The thing is, due to the change in weather they are all on the move, as Jan said.

Winifred - thank you for making me remember Victor and giving me a giggle

Mary said...

This would only happen to you, Sarah, lol.

Melissa said...

I'm guessing you work in a school? lol!
I work for a school system too so I feel for you gal!

Stuart Peel said...

What is it with you and unfeasibly large spiders ?

Kat said...

Remember things happen in threes...chances are there is another tarantula in your future.

Mare said...

Good thing you aren't dreaming about them, too!

Sandi McBride said...

I'm still shivering! The very thought gives me shivers up and down my spine and out through my ears...poor Sarah...I'll pray for you

Bella Foxx said...

I think there is another tarantula in your future. I am not fond of spiders but I think tarantulas are kind of cool, in the same way pythons, great white sharks and big police doggies are cool, at a distance, a very large respectable distance.

Kay said...

Good gosh, Sarah! I'm only thankful nobody brought anything like that in for Show and Tell when I was teaching 1st grade.