Seeing as you asked....

Well a few of you have in the past few weeks and Pam was especially persistent yesterday! So here's the latest on how my job is going and whether I 'get' American Football yet.

Well I am loving my job still, things have finally calmed down a touch after the madness of the new school year starting. Having said that we have been busier this week dealing with the end of the first nine weeks and all the reporting that entails for my Principal.

I know everyone of the nearly 200 students by name and face, slowly I am linking parents with children, but I still occasionally get them mixed up. A minor problem I encounter, is the parents assume I know exactly who their little precious one is just with the first name. Now some I do, but others who I have had less dealings with, can still get muddled in my mind.

I have definitely found my feet with the school database and feel more confident with everyday that passes. I am slowly learning the educational terminology here and the significant events in the school calendar. I have learned that things move fast in a school environment and the 'Tasks' feature of Outlook is my bestfriend, ensuring I forget nothing, usually!

We have great camradarie and support amongst the staff, which in an all female work environment, can be rare. But I can honestly say it is a happy and caring place to work. You may remember that my Principal was also new to her role this year, I think we have formed a good working relationship and she is proving to be a great boss and inspiring leader.

I love working with the children, it is just so rewarding, I also enjoy all the hugs I get. I have alot of fun with them and find I really care for their welfare. I have become an expert in amateur nursing, sussing out real or psychological sickness and bandaid application!

It is really my perfect job, I love to be busy and multi-task, so I look forward to work everyday - when there's no Book Fair anyway!

As for the American Football, well we have been going to the home games and I am enjoying it. My understanding improves all the time and supporting a team on a 77 game unbeaten run helps alot! There are many similarities to rugby which I have always enjoyed and the towns enthusiasm just sweeps you up in the excitement.

It's been almost five months since I started, which has flown by and I am still really glad I decided to go back to work. I would say I feel pretty confident in my abilities as school secretary and each day brings new challenges.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I work in central office but a have a great respect for school employees especially the ones in the front office. That is a tough job. I absolutely love working for the school system and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the differences you experience in our two systems, as the year goes along. :)

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I'm glad you are loving your job. Working with the kids is good when they rotate in and out. I've considered becoming a librarian for that reason. But, I will never teach again!

And, yay for learning football. Obviously, I love it. It is fairly similar to rugby.

pamokc said...

Now this is the update I've been needing to read! Glad it is going so great!

Anonymous said...

Five months already?
Goodness, time has flown by. So happy you continue to enjoy your new role.