The solution

I got up this morning and had a bacon sandwich(butty) for breakfast, makes a change from toast & jelly(jam), whilst looking at my mail(post). I headed off to work down the divided highway(dual-carriageway), but noticed my turn-signal(indicator) seemed to be not working properly(on the blink). I pulled over, took a look(gander) under the hood(bonnet) and even got my flashlight(torch) out of the trunk(boot), but couldn't fix it.

Made it into work and it wasn't long before I was ready for some mid-morning snacks(elevenses). I popped out to the Main Street(High Street), got some money(dosh) from the ATM(hole in the wall) and then indulged in some chips(crisps) and a pack of cookies(biccies).

By noon I was already contemplating lunch and today the check(bill) was mine to get. Should I have some real comfort food like sausages(bangers) & mash, or pop to the Fast Food Shop(Chippie) for some real Fish Sticks(Fish Fingers) and greasy Fries(chips)! The carnival(fair) is in town and at 3:15(quarter past three) a colleague decided to make a run for some cotton candy(candy floss). At this rate I'll have gained 14lbs(a stone) by bedtime!

Who knew us expat-Brit's are actually bi-lingual!! I guess this just goes to show we are two nations seperated by a common language.

Thanks to all who gave it a go, I was impressed. But congrats to a 97% perfect Pam (who does have a marital advantage) and Daryl who did very well with no advantage and entertained me! So glad I don't have a dual-carriageway as my driveway Daryl! You can both expect a little something in the mail soon.


Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed that!

Vintage Tea said...

I loved this, it was great fun to read!

Victoria x

Linda said...

I love it!!! I'm sorry I missed the original post. I've had limited computer time due to a busy schedule. Hopefully, I'm back on track now.