The 7 things meme....

I enjoyed reading this meme on Troy's blog and decided to snag it for my own! There are seven different categories altogether as follows:-

7 things I plan to do before I die
7 things I do now
7 things I can’t do
7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
7 things I say most often
7 celebrities I admire
7 favourite foods

Which means that I have to come with 49 items in total to interest you. That’s a big ask – so instead I’ll do one category now and do the other six categories in the weeks to come which should take us to the end of December.

Let’s start with 7 THINGS I PLAN TO DO BEFORE I DIE ----

• Tour Italy with the Hubster - Italy is my favourite country in the world and I so miss being able to take a quick flight there for a few days. But more than anything I want to show the Hubster Italy. As a Brit' I found myself amazed at the history and archeology and that's coming from an ancient country. So I just know that he would be totally blown away by the sights of this stunning country.

• Become an expert landscape photographer and sell some of my photographs – Photography is by far and away my favourite hobby. I have now got myself all the equipment I need to accomplish this dream. So it's just honing my skills, learning more and having a little bit of luck. This and the ambition below might also fund some of the others here!

• Publish a fictional book – this is another one I am working on. One of the reasons I started my blog was to get into the good habit of having to write something everyday. I have a couple of ideas to develop, when I get time, so I am setting no deadlines on this one!

• Revisit the Grand Canyon – The last time I was there was when I was 13 and I have never forgotten it, it made a lasting impression. The Hubster has never been and with me now being a keen photographer, I can't wait to return. We are about a 14 hour drive from it, so this is one dream I expect to achieve.

• Attend a Formula One Grand Prix weekend – We are both huge Formula One fans and I have been my whole life. But I have never been to an actual live race and so this is an ultimate ambition. Whilst the US Grand Prix was still being run I was hopeful this might have been soon. But unless it returns here, it maybe a few years away yet.

• Get into remission - I have Graves Disease, an auto-immune Thyroid disease that is currently without a cure. My odds of remission are also reduced by my having Graves Opthamology, which is the eye disease and rarer. But I am determined to achieve remission by following my MD's advice and doing all I can to improve my health.

• Feel like I have lived a full and worthy life - be able to look back and think I not only achieved my desires, but I also left my mark and added to the lives of those around me.

Lookout next week sometime for the next seven, and feel free to take it for your own blog, as I'm not deliberately tagging anyone.


Winifred said...

Thanks for these facts, it really helps you get to know someone better.

Hope you make it to Italy with hubsand (our local version). There are so many lovely places to visit and so little time! Hope I have time left to tour Greece!

It's amazing how many people have problems of one sort or another with their thyroid. I lost count of how many people I worked with in quite a small company who did. It's rife in our family too. My aunt died from it, well lack of adequate treatment.

Sadly I inherited it and passed it onto my son! My eyes weren't affected but even though he ended up having an operation to remove his thyroid, his eyes have been affected.

Never mind, could be much worse.

Look forward to finding out what you're doing now! Apart from photography, getting the floors done and looking after cats! I like the way you're doing this with details rather than just statements.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Sarah, I love your seven things and can't wait to read the next seven. Did you know I wrote three fiction books? Never got published. However, an agent did look at the last one, and she liked part of it, so you never know.

I pray you get into remission too. Oh, and if you come to Guthrie, give me a call and we can meet in person.~~Dee

Stuart Peel said...

Right with you on the F1 weekend. They had a race here in Valencia this year but I couldn't afford to go so had to content myself with forlornly looking round the track a few weeks before.

Also, do the fiction book. I have and the results can be currently found online. Scary but fun.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Sarah, and good to know a bit more about my favourite Okie. Perhaps the Italian grand Prix for a double?

willow said...

Doing Italy is way up there on my list, too, Sarah!

East Anglian Troy said...

You really should try and combine a trip to Italy and either the Italian or Monaco Grand Prix. That would make one great vacation.

I had a touch of deja vue when I started reading this blog! And thanks for the link - I'm looking forward to some more American readers visiting my "little old england blog".

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! This looks good. Hello by the way from North Yorkshire...we were snowed in yesterday, now its all gone. How very typical ma'am! LOL!

Kay said...

Those are interesting memes and I especially loved reading your 7 Bucket Lists. I'll look forward to reading more of your 7's.