Bring it home Lewis!

We have been thoroughly disgusted this week by the appalling racism directed at Lewis Hamilton. This has resulted in the most security ever seen for a Formula One driver being put in place. And equally disgusted with the green-eyed envy shown by some of the other drivers in their unnecessary comments. Alonso even went as far as to say, he would do everything he could to help Massa win, not that you can expect much more from him!

We hope it's a clean race and the other drivers stay out of the drama and let the two contenders fight it out without controversy. But we won't be at all surprised if Alonso 'accidentally' rear ends Hamilton on the first corner.

We just hope Lewis rises above it all, keeps his head and leaves them all in his wake, as he deservedly becomes the youngest ever F1 World Champion.


Winifred said...

Yes it's amazing and they call themselves "sportsmen"!

What great rolemodels they are for the young.

pamokc said...

Oh Girl! That is exactly what John thinks will happen, just take Lewis out early and call it a day. We're hoping for a clean race too! Go Lewis! Go Lewis!

Denise said...

Well said Sally, way to go!