7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

Continuing with the '7 things' meme, these are in order:
  1. Intellect - by far and away the most important thing I looked for - note the past tense. An intelligent and well-informed man is so much more attractive than a cute face and booty. The former will get you through life, the latter will get you some hot dates and some envious comments from girlfriends. Im my early twenties I had a handful of dates with a guy who was the absolute spit of George Micheal at his Wham peak, I mean he literally got stopped in the street and pulled up on stage in clubs. He was a sweet guy, we had lunch in the park, went to a movie and shared a few clinches. But oh my not only was he terribly vain, but he also had no stimulating conversation. So as cute as he looked, I dumped him - nicely. I also dated a gorgeous Cop who was in the Drug agency for a few weeks, but sadly he had no interests outside his perfect hair and his car - so he also got the boot! I need a man I can converse with on every subject under the sun, a man who has knowledge and opinions, luckily I now have one of these under lock and key ;-)

  2. A wacky/cheeky sense of humour - I have often wondered if Lyle Lovett has this going for him, because I doubt it was his face that snared him Julia Roberts, and she likes to laugh. I have been deeply attracted to a few men in my life who do not 'physically attract' me, but our funny bones have just 'clicked'. A good celebrity example of such a man is Eddie Izzard. He might parade around in leather trousers, mascara and stilleto's at times; but I still find him very attractive, it's all about that glint in his eye and his outrageous humour. If you ever get to see the Hubster doing one of his absurd quirky little dances, you'll know why I love him!

  3. The crinkly/sparkly/sexy 'eye thing' going on - Marti Pellow of the pop group Wet Wet Wet has this in spades, I used to sit in front of the telly and literally drool over him in my twenties. Years later I know it was probably heroin induced and it's not such a turn on! But he's a world class example of this thing men can do with their eyes, that makes women's knee's wobble! I have always been very susceptible to the 'eye thing'.

  4. Being tall - I have been attracted to a couple of men my height or slightly shorter in my life. But they both had the SOH and eye thing going on, infact I married one of them and was very happy with him for many years. But they were the rare exception. Being 5ft 7" and never having been a skinny minnie, I have always felt bigger unless my man is taller. So this is pretty much an essential for me, as it's the only time I ever feel like 'the little woman'!

  5. Stands up to me - I am the first to admit I like to get my own way, but I also know my way is quite often not the right way. So I need a man with the strength to stand up to me and to not take my crap at times. If I get my own way all the time, or feel like I'm the strong one in the relationship, it won't last. Despite making a great show of wanting to be a strong, in control, independant woman, most of the time that's a load of crud and I just want to be looked after and made to feel like 'his' woman. The Hubster gets this and I am very happy as a result. And we wonder why men are so confused these days!

  6. Flirtation and affection - essentials I had to sneak in as one. Flirting is what makes a girl feel pretty and loved, without it the 'oomph in the relationship' won't last long. Affection makes me feel loved, safe and happy.

  7. Maturity/age - because of all the above and the fact that many of these take time to develop in anyone, I tend to find older men more attractive.

I just have to add a sneaky #8 here - I have to give 'the voice' a mention. Both John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman can just make me swoon with their voices. But I think John has the sexiest voice ever and I will watch a movie of his, just to hear him speak.

So how many of these are your 'thing' with the opposite sex?


Vintage Tea said...

I certainly agree with you on eyes and a nice voice!

Victoria x

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I definitely agree with you on the Eddie Izzard thing. His sense of humour is such a turn on. He's also got the intellect thing going on - and he may have some nice frocks we could share ;-)

R.A.D. Stainforth said...

I too have seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. A pulse.
2, 3, 4 & 5. Limbs.
6 & 7. Eyes.

Expat mum said...

Ooh yes, Eddie is fab. I would love to meet him and chat for a while.
The height thing, hmmm, the ball and chain is 6'4" to my 5'7" and I sometimes wonder what a hug would be like when your faces are somewhere close to each other's instead of being slammed into his chest! On the upside, I would have to gain quite a few pounds to feel 'big' next to him!

Winifred said...

The eyes, the voice, sense of humour and the laugh!

So it's David Essex, Anthony Hopkins, Peter Kay and Alan Alda for me.

Hope I got them in the right order!

pamokc said...

I'm with you on Eddie Izzard too. Handsome in a manly way. WICKED sense of intelligent humor.

I never saw the appeal of some of those old movie stars until I saw an old Clark Gable film not long ago, and totally **got** how he looked at the girl. So it was all about the eyes for sure.

I'm sure hubster keeps you on your toes as well! Looking forward to that curry!

Kay said...

Intellect was #1 for me, too. That's why I married my husband. That and responsibility are his sexiest traits.

Srg said...

I agree with you on most of those items too!

Oh and Tag! Check out my blog for the details...

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Okay I am chuckling away to myself at what the guys reading this must be thinking about so many of us having the hots for Eddie Izzard. I bet'cha they never would have seen that one coming!

East Anglian Troy said...

Well Sarah, I must admit I would have written a VERY long list for most women before I would got to Eddie Izzard. So I'm amazed at all the responses you've had.
I'm intelligent but only 5ft6ins - does that make a small intellect I wonder?
By the way, there is a very exclusive badge awaiting you on my blog!

Daryl said...

LOVE both Lyle and Eddie .. and I think Lyle is handsome sexy the way I did Humphrey Bogart .. Husband is 'the same height' as I am (I think I am taller but he keeps insisting) which would have been an issue except I fell for him completely and never 'noticed' til he pointed out that he thinks tall women in high heels are hot .. even when or maybe just when they then are taller than he ..

And he makes me laugh all the time .. the other night I woke to this noise and realized it was his snoring and I laughed out loud ...and no the laughing didnt wake or stop his outboard motor sounding snores.


Leslie: said...

Wow, Sarah, I absolutely LOVE this post! I was reading it when my L phoned and so I read it to him and we had a good laugh - because he has that "eye thing" going on, is tall, funny, and smart. In fact, he's got it ALL going in the right direction for me right now. AND he cooks for me and cleans up afterwards. Now THAT is worth keeping him around for. LOL

Vickie said...

I swear, we are sisters separated at birth! Or something similar. You nailed this one! It is so me TOO! I absolutely married the perfect man for me. Sense of humor out the wazoo, smart-smart-smart, accent (Virginia hillbilly), keeps my on my toes, all that good schtuff. Smiling eyes...I have always been a sucker for smiling eyes. And he has a nice flat butt. Good lookin both coming towards me and when I walk a little behind him......
I have a mad crush on Eddie Izzard! I have a CD of his and I need to get his DVDs of his shows!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Well ladies, it seems we may have to start an Eddie Izzard is a Hottie blog! LOL Our poor menfolk, boy this must be thrown by that attraction!

Your responses have entertained me all day, Winifred you should find one of those sited where you can make an identikit and make your combo man, he'd be a sight to see!

Pam, you personally know the hubster keeps me on my toes! And Clark definitely had it going on.

Daryl - I can just see you laughing out loud in the middle of the night, I sometimes do that, but the hubsters a light sleeper and always thinks I'm nuts!

Leslie - sweetie you are so loved up it just makes me smile.

Vickie - we were seperated at birth I swear, you'll be up the Eddie blog then!

R.A.D - yeh, yeh yeh ;-)

Troy - get you some stilletto's boy

MikeH said...

Shucks! I was doing pretty well until I got to number 5--I'm pretty short.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to find someone else who thinks Eddie is attractive. No one but my DH and EH knows who he is except that bloke who played in "The Riches." You should see the look on their faces when I tell them he's a tranny with a long career in comedy. It makes complete sense to me why I fancy him. I've always been attracted to androgyny and a good sense of humour is as sexy as hell.

Mmm said...

I love this post how interesting as my wife was saying, hands down,it muscles/phyiscal strength first for almost all women, but I disagreed saying I thought it was humour and attentiveness. thanks for your input. for me, for woman, they've got to be at least somewhat attractive but the thing that will really get me is smarts. that is what atracted em to my wife, beyond those big blue eyes. I love an intelligent, strong woman. that makes me weak!

notevenatshirt vb said...

I agree with you on every single one of them! If I wrote this list, it would totally the same! Except that John Malkovich has a great voice. :) But throw someone else in there instead and we're identical!