Sunday Book Review

This was the first Jodi Picoult book I've read and it'll not be the last.

This book was written in the first perspective throughout and would switch from one character to another each chapter. Now this sounds like it would get confusing, but it actually almost makes it easier to read. The story progresses with each persons narrative and flows seamlessly along, whilst giving you all viewpoints.

It deals with the sensitive issue of genetically engineering a baby to save a siblings life. Anna, the engineered child, reaches 13 years old and decides she no longer wants to participate in the endless medical procedures to save her older sister. This leads her to employ an attorney on her behalf and file against her parents for medical emancipation from them.

The story leads you through the heartrending results of her actions and truly lets you in on the awful decisions family's such as this, find themselves facing. My sympathies moved around alot between the characters as I read this book. They were so well written it was impossible not to switch my allegiances the more I read.

This book has a truly shocking ending, which I never saw coming until it was literally written on the page. My last thoughts were this would make an amazing movie. When I searched for the book image I discovered it's being made right now! Cameron Diaz, Alec Baldwin and Abigail Breslin (who will be amazing as Anna) will star in the movie next June. I for one will be queueing up to see it and I highly recommend this book.


Daryl said...

Sounds good .. a friend of mine, Carole over at http://tmbbi.blogspot.com/ is a HUGE fan of her books and I think is on a wait list at her local library for this one .. I will tell her how much you enjoyed it.


willow said...

Wow...looking forward to the film!

MikeH said...

That book has been on my reading list for six months now (I read very slowly). I do hope to get to it soon, however.

Kay said...

This sounds very interesting. Thank you for the tip.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Brit Gal,
Thanks to you connecting me with my long lost roommate from university - she & I have a lunch date this December! Huge thanks for connecting this Okie with another!
And will add this book to my reading list!
The Diva