Digging through the trash for the truth!

The things people discard
tell more about them
than the things they keep

by Hilda Lawrence, The Pavillion

I read this and thought how wise and true! Then I thought about what I've discarded recently and what it says about me.

A few magazines everyday this week, was the first thing that sprung to mind. They reveal my inability to say 'no' to what I perceive is a bargain, reduced subscription rates in the mail!

Why so many...well that tells you, I might love magazines but I really don't have the time to read them. That in turn reveals my natural tendency toward untidyness, as I hoard them in piles around the house for months.

So why am I now methodically clearing them out? Two things revealed here: when I set my mind to do something I am always methodical about it. And finally the Hubster hates piles of anything left lying around and I hate to be nagged, especially when I know he's right!

Who knew discarding some magazines would be so revealing!

So what have you discarded recently and what does it tell about you?


Mary said...

I'm giving you another Butterfly Award, Sarah. You can add it to your list : )

Sherri said...

I have been discarding clothes. I have been bagging up some clothes for Goodwill to take away to people who need them. I think this says that I am a giver, care about other people. It also says that these clothes have hung in my closet way too long and need to find a new home. I'm trying to minimize the things I've got hanging around and in drawers. So I guess I'm trying to be more organized too! Thanks for making me think today!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sarah, I try to get rid of the clutter--or else, it will just grow and grow. They say that IF you don't use something for a year, then get rid of it. SO---I try to do that, but it's hard. BECAUSE--usually when I get rid of something, I'll need it or want it a few months later. SO---what to do???

These days our trash consists mostly of things we take to the recycle center. It's amazing how much we take there EVERY week. I'm so happy to be recycling now --as opposed to a few years ago when I didn't bother. Shame on me!!!

George said...

In my case it's mail order catalogs -- how did I get on so many lists? But I'm discovering that for each one I discard two more come!

Anonymous said...

I always discard the newspapers on Thursday for trash pick up on Friday. Yeah, we still subscribe even though most people just read the news online.

Hubby takes about 10 bags of cans and bottles to the recycling plant every 2 months. He gets about $13 for his effort.

Love your blog, Sarah!

Yogi said...

I love magazines but I don't keep them. I read them and throw them away right away otherwise they turn into big piles right away.

Expat mum said...

I was going to post about this today but something else came up. Anyhoo, to make room for the 5 years old's new toys, we put a few bags together of all the baby toys that have been in the family since the Queenager was born. A bittersweet moment, but we have a bit more room now.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...


You aren't the only one who falls for all those bargain rate magazine subscription offers. Mine pile up, then I will go through and discard several months at a time.

I am cleanng out my files, so my trash this week is full of old papers. This reveals that I don't throw any receipts or odd papers away. It also reveals that I will print stuff off the internet that I don't really need or want.

ExpatKat said...

Just like you - magazines.

Srg said...

Congrats! I just nominated you for an Honest Scrap award!

Winifred said...

Flip! Wouldn't find out much about me then! Just about the only things we get rid of are papers and mags we put out for the rcycling men. Can hardly bear to put my clothes in the charity bag. I'm weird, I get attached to some clothes even if I've not worn them in years.

I have this fear I'll end up like those old women whose houses are filled with piles of newspapers and bin sacks and have about thirty cats roaming the place. Not if my husband has anything to do with it though. He says no more cats when my last little ones have snuffed it. They're both about twenty!

Best of luck!

Daryl said...

I cannot throw anything away except empty food containers ... and used tissues .. you get the picture ...so I have learned to give my catalogs to a friend who is a catalog junkie, I give last seasons clothes to a friend who picks out what she wants and passes them along ... a woman I know has a daughter who wears the same huge size shoes as I do, so she gets my gently worn shoes/boots ..

Linda said...

Like you, I have way too many magazines. And, to make matters worse, the grandchildren sell subscriptions each year for school fund raising. I donate many of mine to our local hospital to use in waiting rooms. But, I have many I keep for resourse purposes.

Rhea said...

I like that quote a lot!!

Lynne said...

I just got finished cleaning out old receipts. I still had things from 2007 that I really didn't need - who needs old water bills from over a year ago??

I guess that says that I'm a procrastinator - I should be clearing out receipts and things on a monthly basis - not once every 2 years.

pamokc said...

Oh Girl. I've been bagging up some old clothes from time to time. But Can Not Wait to get rid of a few boxes of left-over wedding clutter. Gotta go! No magazines for me for ages. I learned that lesson when I was about your age.

Mare said...

I have way too many magazines. And I decided to not subscribe to any this year. Readers Digest, in a last ditch attempt to wear me down, offered 5 subscriptions for $17.00. I almost caved, but I didn't!