The Bounty!

Apart from the fun involved in actually going out as a Geocacher (click here for explanation) and finding the caches, there's the whole issue of 'the bounty'!

These are all known as 'Trackables' and have a dog-tag attached with a code inscribed on them making each one trackable. Whenever you find one, you go to Groundspeak and enter the code and you can view their full travel history. This one below is called a 'Geocoin' and is a lttle more rare than the others. You can buy these themed coins and then start your own on it's journey.

This beauty is called the 'Life is a Beach' Geocoin and we retrieved this at our local lake, which is called 'such & such' Beach, so although it's far from the coast it counts. The mission statement for this geocoin, is for it "to visit beaches around the world". It started out in 2007 in New Hampshire, it moved x10 during the year, travelling on through Massachusetts and Texas. It spent 2008 in Oklahoma moving just twice. We are planning on taking it with us to Chicago and we will place it on the beach of Lake Michigan.

This next group are known as 'Travel Bugs' and also all have their own dog-tag with a trackable code. We have purchased a few of these coded dog-tags ourselves and are about to start them out on their journeys, once we find a good key-ring to attach to each.

We found this last weekend at a local 'Travel Bug Motel' and I was attracted by the Celtic Cross (it's name), having some Welsh blood in me. This is one well travelled bug with passport!!

It was started in 2004 in North Wales (UK) and was then moved to Kansas (USA)!! During 2005 it returned to England, thereby already making 2 transatlantic flights! It then moved x7 in 2005 around England, Ireland and then back across the pond to British Columbia (CAN). 2006 was spent in British Columbia with four moves, but 2007 saw it really move around. In one year it moved x10 through British Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, South Carolina and then into Oklahoma!! 2008 it took a vacation in Oklahoma with just two moves and now we have it ready to send it on it's way into Texas. What I love about this one is it was started by a Brit' Gal and ended up in the hands of another over 4,700 miles away, 5 years later! And I had no clue of it's history until I got it home and tracked it, very cool.

We retrieved this one at the same 'Travel Bug Motel' and it is still a baby bug, started in May 2008 in Oklahoma and just having moved twice to date.

Finally here is our first ever Travel Bug that we are starting out soon. We have called it the 'Guardian Angel' and our mission statement for it is: "To travel from cache to cache keeping a watchful eye and protecting hand, over all the Geocachers that help me on my way". We will report back on it's travels from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are really getting into the geocaching thing!

We've signed up and are out for our first caching outing on tomorrow. I guess I'll have something to post about on Monday.

Thanks for reminding me I wanted to do this! Cache on!

Gaelyn said...

This sounds like a fun addition to Geocaching, which I'm lerning about by following your adventures. No GPS or time. I look forward to following some more.

Lover of Life said...

We are going to do it, too. It is something I have always wanted to do and you have spurred me on! Thanks. I'll update you on our progress.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sarah, Sounds like you all are having a great time geocaching. That would be so much fun!!!!

For your info, the Celtic Cross is associated with the Presbyterian Church. The cross represents the incarnate love of God in Jesus Christ and his passion and resurrection. Because of its association with Presbyterian history, the Celtic cross was chosen as a model for this contemporary rendering of the ancient symbol.

Have a great day.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Rob - woohoo LOL! I will be waiting in anticipation of your first find, it is ALOT of fun.

Gaelyn - maybe one day for you, as oh boy you get to some location where there would be loads.

LOL - how exciting, can't wait to see your first find too.

Betsy - you know you and George need to consider doing this with all the hiking you do. I bet you pass loads unknowingly when your hunting waterfalls. Thanks for the history on the cross.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You guys are really getting into it. Son and I have several travel bugs and Geocoins knocking around US Canada and Germany now.

Sherri said...

Sarah you two are really into the geocaching! They are really neat! Glad you and your hubby are having fun!

Lou said...

I totally love this idea but had never heard about'til reading your post of a few weeks ago. Me thinks I'll have to look into it and whether there's any going on in NZ.

Kay said...

This is all very intriguing. A friend of ours has mentioned geocaching in Hawaii but we haven't done it yet. Sigh... it's on our list of things to do. I've got to live vicariously through you until we do.

LadyFi said...

Wow - I love all those tags and bugs... I've got a friend at work who goes geocaching here in Stockholm with the whole family. Sounds like great fun!

Daryl said...

I love these and this whole idea/concept ... I am sending you what I think is a fun keyring which you might consider using .. or not .. I got it as part of a mystery package I bought for $10 and which had a lot of fun and clever things in it .. anyway I am also going to look into doing this here in NYC .. I shall report back

Winifred said...

You might remember John Craven from the BBC Sarah. They covered geo-caching today on his programme Countryfile. Michaela Strachan, now there's a balst from the past was the one doing the searching.

Seems like you have to have quite a bit of time to travel about searching. However there are now over 50,000 people involved here, so you don't have to travel quite as far.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I still think that geocaching is just the cookest thing. I tried getting Mark interested in it a couple of years ago, but it didn't spark anything in him. I'll have to try again. I think he would enjoy it. Thanks for sharing. jan

Joshua said...

i LOVE geocaching!

I haven't done it in almost a year :(

I believe I'll dust off the GPS and start again.