Decisions, decisions!

I am on Spring Break, the Hubster is not, so I am free to do whatever I please.

Here's what I ought to be doing:

1. Cleaning the house - having had no energy for 2 weeks this an urgent need! However my desire to do it is zero, so as a compromise I'll do 2 rooms today and 2 tomorrow. We do have more than 4 but the rest are currently unused, so I will be ignoring them.

2. Food shopping and then cooking - or the Hubster may divorce me. Again lack of energy has left us seriously lacking in dinner options. I will make an effort on this today, I have to or we might be eating cereal for dinner!

3. Gardening - I still have dead stuff in my beds, as the new stuff peeks through. It's embarressing and the weather is nice so I will try to get to this.

4. A Pedicure - the weather is warm enough here for sandals, which I have avoided thus far, due to ungroomed toe nails! I really want to do this as my feet are hot, but I just haven't been bothered, maybe today I will call a salon instead!

6. Call the United States Immigration Service - to see what the heck they are doing with my 10-yr green card application after nearly 13 months! This I am about to do, wish me luck.

Now here's what I'd like to really do:

Lay around and do bugger all, watch some chick-flicks, read my book and give instructions to my imaginary housekeeper, cook and maid!


Daryl said...

I read backwards so I know you are seething at INS .. just go ahead and say it FCUK YOU INS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil Tasker said...

Bugger all sounds like the preferred option to me!.......but then I AM a man!

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Hi Sarah,
I know how you feel about all the cleaning and whatnot! I never feel like doing it and it has the perfect word: chore - but more like bore! Worst job in the world!
Hope you get your immigration issue sorted out! Good luck!
Donnie X

Janet said...

Hey you're on your hols, just chill. It's just hubby's bad luck that he doesn't get spring break, so don't feel bad about it.

A pedicure is way down my list of to-do's. At the moment I could plait my underarm hair, and if I shave it, then I'll have to unblock the sink. Or, maybe I'll just have another brew. (tea that is, for the uninitiated!)