F1 returns in style

In case you didn't know it, the Hubster and I are Formula 1 motor-racing FANatics, so we are delighted the new season has finally started. This is by far our #1 sport.

And what an opening race it was in Melbourne, Australia. It seems the new regulations have turned the sport on its head and we personally think it can only be a good thing for the sport. The cars look very different, the technology has advanced, only one driver change and a thrilling new team and upside down grid.

Brawn GP team is British, with a Brit' driver in Jenson Button and they took not only pole position but 2nd place as well. And if ever a talented but somewhat unlucky driver deserved a break, it's Jenson Button! Jenson went on to win the race, with his teammate coming in behind him, after a spectacular last minute crash took out 2 other cars between them. This was an amazing result for the former Honda team, who spent most of last season retiring from races.

Our fave and current World Champion Lewis Hamilton, drove superbly to go from a starting position of 18th, all the way to 3rd! So it seems we have another British team to support and with neither Ferrari even finishing, it's obvious this season is going to be thrilling and anything but predictable. Now they're off to Sepang in Malaysia for round 2 next weekend, we can't wait.


pamokc said...

It was a fantastic race; I'm glad for Jensen. And wow what a start to that team, eh? Everything ol' Branson touches turns to gold. Wish he'd fly through here so I could dust his shoes off for him!!! Speaking of Lewis, our Lewis has video over on my page!

Esther Garvi said...

Another thing in common, woohoo! :-) Too bad I couldn't watch the race this time (sometimes the Arab channels show them, sometimes not) but I'm happy Massa didn't win. Never enjoyed a bad winner / sore loser in any sport, which is why Coulthard was my long-time favourite, the gentleman that he was!!

Hope Kimi gets a good season this year but five pit stops doesn't sound too good, does it...

Yummy Mammy said...

Don't you think he's rather yummy? Naturally he'll have a pussycat doll or something in tow or some super model or whatever the "in" woman is these days lol

Kris said...

That was an increadible first race. I'm so excited for Brawn!
Don't tell Miles, but I think Button is rather nice to look at too :) !!

Winifred said...

Nice to see Jensen win.

My husband is overjoyed that F1 has gone back to the BBC, he couldn't stand the breaks for adverts on ITV.