Remember my broken spider trap?

Well thanks to a comment made by Kelly (a Brit' expat in FL who would love you to visit) on my Arachnophobia post, I have tracked down where you can buy the exact same trap and it's cheap! It is a general bug trap and works superbly with fly's, because they don't see it coming as it's perspex.

To buy it in the UK go here and in the USA go here.

Oh and thank you for your many comments, I enjoyed them all.


Kat said...

Harvester spiders are awful. I call them evil drain spiders.

Anonymous said...

Lol, my mum just got the betterware catalogue today!! If it helps...Richard Madley has reported similar problems on his blog...via twitter..yip..uncle dickey madley twits!!
Effin granny

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

They have anything that traps snakes?

Daryl said...

How fabulous .. I am so glad you found an exact replacement!