Can someone explain to me....

why what Brit's call a Mars Bar is called a Snickers Bar here....and what the heck is a Snickers Bar called?

Not that I am eating either right now, I am just confused and maybe I even have them the wrong way around too! I tried searching Mars Bar on Wikipedia and that has confused me even further, with a reference to Milky Way as well!

Help? LOL


Douglas said...

I was going to reply, but when I went to wikipedia to check my hunch they were using the same photo you've got, so I figured you'd already answered your own question.

Basically in some crazy ploy to simplify advertising all candy bars are now Snickers, but different flavors and styles of Snickers. How else could it 'really satisfy'?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I'm no expert, but I thought Mars was a candy company that made a lot of different varieties of candy bars. Like maybe Twix and another one? Not sure though - I'm more of a Three Musketeers girl myself :)