What the UK does alot better...

  • Cellphones (Mobiles) - everything about them is better, more flexible, more choice, more advanced & cheaper
  • Parking at Shopping Malls - multi-storey car parks take so much less acreage
  • Recycling - this is virtually non-existent in our area
  • Healthcare - the National Health Service is a god-send you should say thanks for daily, believe me!
  • Taxes - the filing of taxes in the UK is so much easier
  • Fresh produce and Fish in stores - due to being an island & a much smaller area
  • National News - no censorship that's apparent
  • Internet Services - much greater choice & cheaper
  • Public Transport - at least you have it nationally & it's cheap
  • Humour - but then that may just be because we have a unique sense of humour!
  • Integration of different nationalities and races - much more accepting of other cultures


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ah, some of those would be so nice!

tigrlili said...

I agree with some of those. But some of those are not the problem of living in the US. It's the problem of living in conservative middle america. For example the fresh fish and veggies, the public transportation, and culture and nationality integration. And that Oklahoma seems to be in a bit of a time warp sometimes.