Here are just a few of the differences I have noticed in the past 2+ years since I moved here and I appreciate these are also influenced by where I am in the USA:
  • Just about everyone I know goes to church regularly and believes in God
  • Almost everyday I see the sun, which is wonderful
  • I very rarely hear or use sarcasm (irony)
  • 95% of people, even strangers are friendly, polite and will help
  • I could count on one hand how often I have sat in any traffic!
  • I hardly ever here anyone swear (cuss)
  • They advertise prescription drugs widely on TV & in the press!
  • Road rage does not exist here
  • People are endlessly patient (which sometimes drives me nuts!)
  • The local paper lists the Public Records weekly, naming names of who got a driving ticket or is getting divorced, prosecuted, has bad debts etc!
  • At some point in many conversations who someone is related to by marriage, siblings, cousins etc...will come up to establish how everyone talking knows them - I find this bizarre!
  • You can safely go away and leave your house unlocked, or your car unlocked pretty much wherever you park it - although I can't bring myself to do either!
  • There are people employed just as customer greeters at the entrance of Walmarts' to tell you 'Hi' or 'Have a good day' and hand you a shopping cart!
  • You can 'drive through' at just about all banks
  • It can take up to 5 days to send a letter or package to somewhere else in the USA, it's that big!
  • The national news is so censored I was shocked for weeks, especially about the war & international news
  • If you want to vote in the elections you HAVE to be registered with one of the main parties first (Republican, Democrat, Independant) and can only vote for them in the Primary's. But at the General election (for the President) you can vote for whoever you want...the non-negotiable registering with a party shocked me, this being a democratic country!
  • People eat out really early here and alot of restaurants stop serving by 9pm latest!
  • School sports are huge here and the whole town will turn out to support a school team in a tournament, kids playing or not
  • Wines & Spirits are not sold in supermarkets, only Beer & what Brit's call Alco-pops!
  • They charge 'you' for any calls received on your mobile (cell)!
  • Everyone knows their neighbours or at least their name
  • People just seem alot happier generally!


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for coming by my blog. I'll be glad to help in any way I can. I've lived here all my life, and I've gardened most of it. Thanks again from this red dirt girl. Your thought on the differences between your former life and this one are refreshing.~~Dee

Sarah said...

Hi Dee, thanks for dropping by to see my blog. I did post last week on my garden here


You can be sure I wil;l be dropping by your blog regulalry for tips or to ask you something. I thought your blog was great and have saved it.

Mary said...

I'm guessing you live in a rural area right now. I'm in a metropolitan area and I think we have more road rage, sarcasm, etc in the city. Oh wait, maybe I'm confusing my family with city life, LOL.

Douglas said...

Some of what you list might not be the case in LA just Oklahoma.

Also, we don't have to buy a license for TV viewing.

And trains are something we watch not ride.

Redlady said...


I enjoy reading your viewpoints!
I have heard that the US has our news more censored than Europe many times. My cousin lives in Germany and she couldn't believe how censored our news is when she was here for a visit last year.
I hope that changes with a new president!!! I think that things may be more similar to your UK lifestyle in a larger city.
What you are experiencing in OK in a rural area are different than
where I live in the suburbs of a major metropolitan city.

Sarah said...

Yes as I said at the start of my post, I appreciate it's because I live in a more rural area. I was in New York a few years ago for 8 days and that was pretty similar to London, although people were still friendlier. I also know the traffic is horrendous around the bigger cities, although even rush hour traffic in OKC doesn't compare to England...lol!

Rodolfo said...


I used to dream of working and settling down in the States BUT it's long gone now as I reckon that living here (UK) is much better in most respect. Just ummmm....

Sarah said...

Rodolfo you can have the best of both worlds I guess with family over here to visit :-)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Some of those are pretty awesome things, and many are some that I take for granted. :) Great post, Sarah!

You should come visit me in the "Deep South" - we ooze hospitality and friendliness down here, hehehe!

wanderingbtrfly said...

Those are great! I have to agree wholeheartedly with the news - I was amazed the first time I went to the UK and Europe at how many things were happening that I had no idea about. I now try to get my news from the BBC, at least...

I have to ask - what is an 'alco-pop'? The closest thing I can think of it being is a wine cooler...

David Wayne Hampton: said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog! Most of what I'm exposed to when it comes to Brit culture is from watching Eastenders on my state's public television channel (for which they are 7 years behind in episodes, so I can't blog with Eastenders fans in the UK). The biggest cultural difference that Brits have commented to me over the years is the so-called "Blue Laws", that alcohol cannot be purchased from midnight saturday night until noon on Sunday in many places in the south. Even more surprising to some folks from across the pond is that there are some counties, in the Appalachian region especially, that are called "Dry Counties", that alcohol cannot be sold anywhere except grocery stores, and only wine and beer. No bars or pubs. In North Carolina, hard spirits such as whiskey or scotch can only be purchased by the bottle at the ABC Store (Alcohol Beverage Control) which is controlled by the state. Keep blogging! I'd love to read more!

bettyl said...

Oh, my goodness!! How fascinating! You should visit me http://bettysnzblog.blogspot.com/ to find how different I find New Zealand compared to the Midwest US!!