Wacky OK weather latest!

So there we were yesterday basking in a sunny 70 degrees and thinking spring here we come. My kitties were loving it outside in the sun, but today I opened the door a crack twice for them and they both turned back and ran inside! They are definitely fair weather felines.....

Because today the high is just 26 degrees & I am back in my thermal vest and Ulu Norwegian Rabbit Fur Snowboots & still my feet are cold! Overnight we have a good chance for freezing rain & a light snow dusting....nothing like a 44 degree drop in less than 24 hours...lol!

I am now drinking hot tea in an attempt to stay warm!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Love that photo, the contrast of the sun streaming through is lovely :)

I hear ya - nothing like a huge swing in temperature! Glad you've got some tea and snuggly clothes to keep you warm!

pamokc said...

omg, and your area of the world is supposed to be getting it pretty good. I love this photo of the kitties on the pool table.

re the car tag: there is a little british store in OKC called the Canterbury Shop on North May (somewhere around 30th I believe). Anyway, the lady there is a Scot or her mother was a Scot. They have the car plates usually all the time. On my car, I have a Union Jack crossed with an American flag. They also sell some staples like digestive biscuits and PG Tips and walkers crisps ... we make a trip there once a year to stock up on some things, but they are pricey compared to UK, so be prepared for that if you go in! i could probably pick one up for you and mail if you like, let me know!

Sarah said...

Glad you like the piccie of my babies ladies!

Pam - thanks for the store tip, we get to OKC pretty often, so I will plan a trip there, hubby knows exactly where you mean :-)