This makes me very sad for her....

but it also proves the point I was trying to make to a friend arguing in favour of the Jenny Craig Diet a couple of weeks ago, long term it does not work, it's just a quick-fix!

Yesterday Jenny Craig dropped Kirstie Alley as a spokeswoman and below you can see why!

Sadly for Kirstie after 3 years eating Jenny's ready prepared meals delivered to her door (and in her case for free!), she has not learned anything about healthy choices and the pounds are piling back on rapidly. At least she wasn't paying huge amounts of money every month for the diet.

At my last Dr checkup we discussed my dieting success thus far and he specifically asked me 'this isn't one of those pre-packaged meal diets is it', because he does not think they are successful long term.

I then explained to him how Weightwatchers works to re-educate your eating habits and portion control over a much longer period. Although weight loss may be slower, it has been scientifically proven, slow weight loss is weight that stays off - usually. Plus you can use their recipe builder to input home cooked meals and calculate points or make healthy exchanges and no food is banned.

As their current advertising campaign says:

'Other diets don't work, Weightwatchers does'!

I would love to see a comparison 5 years down the road, of the percentage of Jenny Craig or Nutri-system dieters who have kept at their goal weight, compared to Weightwatchers dieters! I would bet a good few dollars Weightwatchers would win.

My friend and I agreed to disagree in the end on whether Jenny Craig was a good diet, I am genuinely sorry for Kirstie to have be the one to prove my point. Having battled my weight for years too, I feel for her and suggest she signs up with Weightwatchers.

Just think how many years Weightwatchers spokeswoman Sarah, Duchess of York has now kept her weight in control and she was always battling the bulge!


Mary said...

Sarah, I agree. I also think Kirstie has major issues of which her weight is just a symptom. I do feel kind of bad for her, though, cameras always waiting to document her failures. I guess if you put yourself out there you have to expect that, right?

I do think that Valerie B. may be able to keep her weight off. What do you think?

Vickie said...

Sarah: My doc is of the same opinion for the pre-packaged plans. I told her that I had recommitted to WW and she was very pleased. She said that she likes the long term effects of learning how to eat in moderation. She told me to keep doing what I am doing. I fully plan to.

Rapunzel said...

I am sorry for Kirstie as well, what a shame to have to do it all over again. As someone who wasted hundreds on Nutrisystem only to *gain* weight, I must agree with you on the pre-packaged diet failure rate. WW is the only food plan that ever worked for me, and if I hadn't gotten lazy I'd still have kept off the 20+ pounds I lost 5 years ago! *blush* Nevermind, I'll do it again, for good this time.